For 5 years, I have provided no-cost advertisement and contact information to
the producers of the hood ornament for the mutual benefit of fans and the company
producing the ornament.

After hundreds, if not thousands of uncompensated referrals, including
acknowledgement by their company that they were receiving significant referrals
from our website, that company suddenly and without notice sabotaged my eBay
account and made harassing phone calls asserting a copyright infringement on a
small overrun of apparel that we were selling on eBay.  I have been verbally
harassed and threatened with multiple lawsuits, including a second-hand threat of
prosecution by the owner's spouse who is purportedly an Assistant District Attorney.

Despite the copyright we have held on our hand-drawn silhouette image for 6 years,
and with no conflicting copyright demonstrated by them, in the interest of fairness, I
have temporarily removed our handful of items from sale.  It is regretable that after 6
years of peaceful cooperation and mutual benefit, they have elected to suddenly
become confrontational and threatening.  A peaceable e-mail or phone call would
have achieved so much more.

I respectfully ask that these facts be taken under consideration as I inform you as a
visitor to my website that I will no longer provide information concerning the
availability of their product, nor can I in good faith recommend their products or
services to anyone.
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Thanks to the following supporters for their
help in making this project possible:

F&C Truck Sales and Service, Inc. (St. Louis
Area Mack Dealer).  For RS700L parts,
please ask for Sean, Nick or Charlie.  Give
them your VIN or a VIN from this website.
(314) 771-3180

Mack Trucks Historical Museum

Hartlage Truck Service, Inc.
(314) 645-5424

Ms. Betty Bruhn, Mr. Ernie Bruhn and the
Bruhn Family of Logan, NM whose tolerance
of a crazed fan of an old movie and their
willingness to transfer so much history to me
has been ever so deeply appreciated.

Quality Machine Works
(573) 729-6458

Meramec Heights Car Quest
(636) 296-7171

Craftsmen Trailer, LLC
(636) 797-0500

Betts Industries, Inc.
collection of some 5800 photos behind the scenes while Convoy was filmed back
in 1977.  If you would like to purchase prints of any of the outstanding "Behind the
Scenes" still photos (some of which are on this website), please contact Mike
Siegel via e-mail at