The "Cruisewhopper" was really a Kenworth K100 Cabover painted and upfitted to
resemble a Mack Cruiseliner. Albuquerque trucker Bill Davis was responsible for
summoning the working trucks for the movie, including those of Fred Bruhn.   In the case
of Pig Pen's extra truck, the prop staff used one of Bill Davis' K100 cabovers. In fact, the
truck used was virtually identical to the Bruhn K123 used "as-is" with the belly dump
trailer that followed the Rubber Duck through most of the movie.

I have captured a number of photos from the movie which clearly show the reworked
Kenworth. If you notice, the producers went through some work to not only replicate the
paint scheme of the Cruiseliner, but also the bull bar, single headlight, "MACK" name
above the griller and the passenger side "ram" air scoop behind the cab. Unfortunately,
they didn't do anything with the roof mounted A/C condenser or the Kenworth factory air
cleaner pipe on the driver's side.
The Cruiseliner WAS used in the Alvarez Jail hit, and damage to the truck and exhaust stacks can clearly
be seen as the truck backs out and then drives past the jail.  The Cruisewhopper reappears after the
funeral as Pig Pen leads the reassembled convoy on to Washington D.C.
300 with a Mack 5 speed transmission.  With that engine and transmission
combo, the truck was likely a model WS786LST.  During filming, the truck
was driven by a stunt man named Alan Riggs.

After filming, the truck was returned to Mack and subsequently auctioned off
as a promo in the LA area. At the time, a man named Mike K. was one of
only a handful of trucking companies with an all-Mack fleet.  Having
established a good rapport with the local Mack dealer, the dealer's staff let
Mike know what he needed to bid to win the truck, and sure enough, he won.
After the auction, Mike talked a great length with Kris Kristofferson about the
movie and the filming process. There were also a few other stories about
Barbra that I won't put herein.

About a year after purchasing the truck, one of Mike's drivers totaled the
truck in a jackknife wreck on the I-5/I-205 interchange in Los Angeles. Mike
had the truck towed back to the shop, but there was nothing left to rebuild.  
The truck was sold for scrap, pink diamond tuck leather, mirrored ceiling and