After many years of searching for trucks, history and information, we have
understandably been barraged with lots of theory, a considerable amount of fiction,
and some core fact.  Even the best intentions can often lead you astray, but alas,
RS700L's used as the Rubber Duck's truck in various scenes of the movie.  A fifth
truck was a factory-provided Glider Kit used for many of the rolling in-cab shots.   
Our thanks to the Bruhn family and Mack Trucks Historical Museum for their help
and hard work.  With the documents to prove it, the trucks are:

Truck 1 - 1977 Mack RS712LST35492
Truck 2 - 1973 Mack RS797LST13182
Truck 3 - 1970 Mack RS731LST6646
Truck 4 - 1970 Mack RS731LST6648
Truck 5 - 1977 Mack RSK700KIT

Truck 1 -
The 1977 Mack was built new by the Mack Western Hayward, California
plant and delivered to EMI Films in Los Angeles.  The truck was ordered in
February 1977 and delivered in March 1977 along with a new Glider Kit that
shared the same cab, holod, fuel tanks and frame with the RS712LST.  That Glider
Kit is shown at the bottom of this page.  After filming, the 1977 Mack was returned
to Mack Trucks, at which time it was taken back and reconditioned to repair all of
the damage incurred during filming.  Along with the damage, Mack replaced the
rear wall of the cab that had been cut out as the sleeper walk-thru.  There is some
difference in accounts, but the truck was then either raffled off or just placed in
dealer stock out of the Los Angeles Mack Trucks dealer.  The truck was
bought/won by Les Hrdlicka in September of 1978 and titled as a 1978 (Mack titled
the trucks when they were sold, not built).  The truck spent the next 32 years of its
life as a transfer dump running out of the Los Angeles area.  In 2006 the truck was
sold by Les to a man in Fontana.  The truck came up for sale on eBay in 2008 but
didn't sell. It re-appeared for sale in May 2010 and that's when we purchased the

Truck 2 - The 1973 Mack was purchased from the truck's second owner, B&E Inc.
of Hobbs, NM on 4/22/77 by EMI Films.  The original motor would have been a
Mack ENDT866 375bhp V8 turbo charged engine.  This truck, along with Truck 4
were gutted during filming and used as pull-props and stunt victims.   Things like
doors, windows and other items were taken off to allow for in-cab scenes to be
shot.  You'll notice this truck in particular on close-up shots as the black paint is
worn off of the door window sills near the rear of the door.  This truck was
destroyed by the various modifications during filming and sold to Bruhn Enterprises
after filming for scrap value of $1,750.

Truck 3 and Truck 4 - The identical 1970 Mack RS731LST's were originally built
for and sold to Gillford Hill Portland Cement of Dallas, TX.  EMI Films purchased
these two Macks, along with Widow's Brockway, from New Mexico Mack Sales, Inc.
of Albuquerque, NM on 4/28/77.

From the factory, these two 1970 Macks had Cummins NH230 Inline 6 diesel
engines.  At some point between 1970 and 1977, Truck 3 was repowered with a
Cummins NTC335 turbo charged inline 6 diesel engine.  During filming, Truck 4
was gutted and used as the ultimate stunt victim, taking a plunge into the shallow
Colorado river.

Truck 3, Truck 4 and the Brockway were all purchased by Bruhn Enterprises after
filming.  Truck 3 was made into a concrete transit mixer and wrecked near Logan,
NM in 1986.  This is the truck that we purchased and combined with several other
parts trucks to restore as you see on this website.  Truck 4 was bought for scrap
value by Bruhn Enterprises and disposed of in the early 1980's.

Truck 5 - Truck 5 isn't really a truck per se, it is just a part of a truck.  Glider kits
are ordered through the dealer parts counter, not through a salesman.  Although
Glider kits have a sequence number, the sequencing is not the same as the
production units.  Mack Western R7 glider kits were numbered "RSK700KITxxxx"
where "x" is a sequential digit for the glider.  This glider kit was built with the same
exterior features as the RS712LST, including dual 100 gallon fuel tanks, chrome
muffler and a dual tube tip turbine style 15" Donaldson air cleaner.  The truck had
a standard steer axle, but with 5 hand hole 10.00x22 wheels instead of the 2 hand
hold wheels on the RS712LST.  The truck had no radiator, engine, transmission,
drive axles or rear suspension from the factory.  The EMI crew added a single
spring ride trailer axle under the rear of frame and installed single rear wheels.  
This truck and the glider made out of Truck 2 (the 1973) were towed around by the
International Loadstar flatbed using a drawbar.  The 1977 glider was also modified
so that the crew could remove the hood and slide the windshield mask of the cab
forward on a set of rails.  The cab was cut just behind the "A" pillar from the floor all
the way through the roof.  This arllowed the cameras to be able to pull in on a tight
mount to Kris and Ali without the interference of the dashboad and windshield.  A
windbreak was built in front of the cameras to keep the direct wind from the actors.  
This glider also had a hole cut in the rear wall of the Able Body sleeper so that
cameras could be placed with a shot looking through the front of the truck,
including when the Rubber Duck gets his birthday surprise.
Rubber Duck's Mack RS700L's